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Despite The Avengers being helmed by way of an entirely new manager not used to the Marvel Movie Universe, as well as these different movies being made by different creative groups, there is certainly a definite sense of cohesion and uniformity throughout all of these films, which is some thing to be respected.
No one has actually explained how ruining a world results in world domination, but then again, no one has ever managed to pull among these off ruin the globe first, ask for subservience after techniques. Therefore these super heros, Ironman (Robert Downey Jr.), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Captain America (Chris Evans) and the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) are sort of lead by Super secret agent Nick Fury (Samuel L. Fitzgibbons), and they of course butt heads first then find a way to get together as a team just when Planet desires it most (Earth here totally relegated to mid town Ny).
And actually that is it. In this story, there there is not that much happening for a two hour and twenty-minute film. There exists a risk, the staff comes then they do, and together, they don't-get along, then the hazard is battled by them. You already know the result because you are not a total fool. The end. Since therefore much of the origin function and character improvement was carried through in previous movies, you might believe that would provide The Avengers area to be really out there and padded and intriguing ' instead it is all really a bit boring, as there is a great deal of standing around and waiting, like the protracted series in the center where the personalities are looking for the film macguffin, in this instance a space block known as the tesseract that provides unlimited energy, as well as the characters banter back and forth a small, but ultimately nothing happens and no one grows. Captain America, having been iced during World War II and thawed away 70 years after, gets lightly teased about truly being a fish out a water, but his dilemma is really not investigated in any way. Plus it's not a bit glad to make him the butt of a whole lot of gags when he's likely still sad about the very fact that every single person he adores and knows are all long-dead. No big deal, though, right? Thor does a whole lot of standing around and just waiting for minutes to use his hammer, and Dr. Banner appears around trying not to Hulk out. But however, that's plenty of standing around.
Making matters worse is the introduction of characters Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), equally performed by a lot more than able actors who do fine work with the material given to them; the issue is that nothing is actually fond of them, as they're largely unworthy figures and add little to nothing to the overall proceeding. Therefore he could be preserved by Black Widow, Hawkeye is in the picture, and Black Widow is in the movie so she can save Hawkeye. How exciting. And while Thor is summoning lightning and magic and smashing everything with his fabulous hammer Mjolnir, and Tony Stark is soaring about in his thousand-buck weaponized Ironman match and blasting people who have pulsar ray, and Chief America is utilizing his superb serum-derived abilities to kick unbelievable levels of butt, and also the Hulk hulks out and smashes, Hawk Eye is firing arrows at individuals and Dark Widow is good with knives and pistols. What on Earth do these two people that are mundane need to add to the very-powered superheroes in this team? Nothing, that's what. Waste of time.
Additionally wasted in this film are a couple of chances to really do something distinct and interesting, but instead these are only ideas brought up and then forgotten. For instance there is a picture in which the characters discover out that the agency they may be employed by might have some somewhat nefarious solution techniques themselves, but this gets quickly covered aside and not brought up again. The guy group that is bad is a random strange army with no style or improvement, along with the largest, craziest elements of the battle look like replicas of the finest pieces of Michael Bay movies.
In the pantheon of Marvel films, The Avengers doesn't quite reach the rewatchable heights of Iron Man, but it's definitely better than the disappointing Iron Man 2 and The Incredible Hulk. It is on the exact same level as Thor and Captain America, a lot more than passable as huge funding, popcorn munching, summer entertainment. It has comedy, action, interesting figures, also it sets these things all in a sleek package, prepared for mass consumption. Congratulations, Disney and Wonder. You pulled it away.

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